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“Vitaly rules google” vs “Congratunations to Trump and all americans”

Oh… so interesting . Now I really understand why Trump won the elections.  He really manipulated google analytics with some help of some handsome guy called Vitaly :P Some people are posting that the future of Internet is NFV, SDN … Continue reading

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The beauty of network engineering

The diagram is generated with netTransformer docker pull itransformers/nettransformer

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Some toughts on SDN/NFV, SDNv2

I went on a networking conference that was not really for networking but for “networking”. One of the speakers stated that we have to share something after the lecture. Well I am dealing with ip & telecom networking for more … Continue reading

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About the monkeys and the Cisco certificates

You are a well educated network engineer, a real CLI worrier that has passed all Cisco CCNA, CCNP and even CCIE network certificates. Let’s say you are on the top of the food chain in network engineering. You know everything … Continue reading

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За Cloudflare, ЦИК и прокурорите

Викам си дай да видя дали са си взели едно на ум тия дето се занимават с сайта на ЦИК. Еми не…   Абе както се казва ейй ЦИК имайте малко жал и към хакерите бе. Дайте им поне малко … Continue reading

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За гащите, ЦИК и безпрецедентните DDOS атаки послепис

Четох из разни сайтове, че силата на атаката била едновременни 65 000 000 потребителски сесии. Интересно че сайтове като digitalattackmap дори не са отчели атаката…. Все пак си  там хората са написали, че картата е на база на топ 2% … Continue reading

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За гащите, ЦИК, хакерите и безпрецедентните DDOS атаки

Както се казва ЦИК, Държавата и Информационно обслужване ги одрусаха. Това не се случва за пръв път – да си припомним случая със системата за детските градини. Сигурно има и други само дето аз не ги знам. Та DDOSа било … Continue reading

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With sufficient trust obviously pigs still fly so well…

When somebody asks you to do something :) that you feel is rather stupid with an unnecessary level of complexity come back to the basics read this and remember what Randy stated :)  He loves flying pigs and he was … Continue reading

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За ограничения и неограничения мобилен Интернет в България

Тия дни докато се рових из разни форуми за IPv6 вниманието ми бе привлечено от необичаен пост  “AT&T just got hit with a $100 million fine after slowing down its ‘unlimited’ data” и ако се зачетем по надолу “Federal Communications … Continue reading

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OpenStack training in Bulgaria

OpenStack is the most fast progressing Cloud technology stack at the moment. It has 10 releases for 5 years and at the moment it is defacto the standard in Infrastructure as a Service cloud technology. Currently OpenStack has more than … Continue reading

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