MPLS core networks

Guys and Gals,

Next semester in NBU I will teach MPLS core networks. Unfortunately NGN Access Networks will be discontinued from the program. Anyway this will give me a bit more time to deal with the 4TO6TRANS project instead of teaching two subjects. So in MPLS core networks we will go through:

  • ISP Network Architecture
  • VPN basics
  • MPLS basics and principles
  • Data and Control Plains
  • IGP protocols in Service Provider Backbone (ISIS, OSPF)
  • Tunning of these two protocols in order to achieve high speed convergence (BFD, timers, Djikstra tree generation optimization)
  • L2VPN services e.g Carrier Ethernet ( Pseudowires, VPLS)
  • L3 VPN services (Basics, Provider – Customer Routing in L3 VPN)
  • QoS theory and practice
  • Traffic Engineering

If we have some time I will also try to cover:

  • BGP – Transit Autonomous Systems
  • Implementing IPv6 in Service Provider Core
  • Achieving IPv6 based ISP Services
  • Multicast



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