SOA in Action

“In software engineering, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing software in the form of interoperable services. These services are well-defined business functionalities that are built as software components (discrete pieces of code and/or data structures) that can be reused for different purposes. SOA design principles are used during the phases of systems development and integration of many current software systems”. [wikipedia].

On 16.12.2012 from 11:20 till 12:50 in NBU building 2, as part of “Architecture for Software Systems” NBU course we will have a guest lecture – “SOA in Action”. As a lecturers we will have Dimitar Dimitrov (VP Technology & Innovation Platform) и Bogdan Vatkov (Development Architect Technology & Innovation Platform) from SAP Labs Bulgaria.

Please come prepared for the lecture and be able to participate in SOA based discussion. For the purpose you may focus on those two readings.

If you are not among my students  but would like to come to the lecture please let me know everybody is welcome.



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