Dealing with IPv6 and Cisco IOU (IOS on Unix)

Recently I had the following issue with getting working IPv6 on Cisco IOU.

R1#sh ipv6 int e0/0
Ethernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
IPv6 is stalled, link-local address is FE80::C00:FF:FE00:6500 [DUP]
No Virtual link-local address(es):
Global unicast address(es):
2001:470:1F0B:ABD::10, subnet is 2001:470:1F0B:ABD::/96 [TEN]
Joined group address(es):
MTU is 1500 bytes
ICMP error messages limited to one every 100 milliseconds
ICMP redirects are enabled
ICMP unreachables are sent
ND DAD is disabled
ND reachable time is 30000 milliseconds (using 35029)
ND advertised reachable time is 0 (unspecified)
ND advertised retransmit interval is 0 (unspecified)
ND router advertisements are sent every 200 seconds
ND router advertisements live for 1800 seconds
ND advertised default router preference is Medium
Hosts use stateless autoconfig for addresses.

The output of  ‘debug ipv6 nd’ was:

*Apr 18 04:32:04.405: ICMPv6-ND: Request to send RA for FE80::C00:FF:FE00:6500
*Apr 18 04:32:04.405: ICMPv6-ND: Sending RA from FE80::C00:FF:FE00:6500 to FF02::1 on Ethernet0/0
*Apr 18 04:32:04.405: ICMPv6-ND:     MTU = 1500
*Apr 18 04:32:04.405: ICMPv6-ND:     prefix = 2001:470:1F0B:ABD::/96 onlink autoconfig
*Apr 18 04:32:04.405: ICMPv6-ND:          2592000/604800 (valid/preferred)
*Apr 18 04:32:04.417: ICMPv6-ND: ND output feature SEND executed on 3 – rc=0
*Apr 18 04:32:04.445: ICMPv6-ND: ND input feature SEND executed on 3 – rc=0
*Apr 18 04:32:04.445: ICMPv6-ND: Received RA from FE80::C00:FF:FE00:6500 on Ethernet0/0v
*Apr 18 04:32:10.857: ICMPv6-ND: REACH -> STALE: 2001:470:1F0B:ABD::1

The solution:

1. Configure another link-local address

2. Disable duplicate address detection

interface Ethernet0/0
ip address
 ipv6 address FE80::69 link-local
ipv6 address 2001:470:1F0B:ABD::10/96
ipv6 enable
 ipv6 nd dad attempts 0

Finally a “Great Success” has been achieved :)

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