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With sufficient trust obviously pigs still fly so well…

When somebody asks you to do something :) that you feel is rather stupid with an unnecessary level of complexity come back to the basics read this and remember what Randy stated :)  He loves flying pigs and he was … Continue reading

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За ограничения и неограничения мобилен Интернет в България

Тия дни докато се рових из разни форуми за IPv6 вниманието ми бе привлечено от необичаен пост  “AT&T just got hit with a $100 million fine after slowing down its ‘unlimited’ data” и ако се зачетем по надолу “Federal Communications … Continue reading

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OpenStack training in Bulgaria

OpenStack is the most fast progressing Cloud technology stack at the moment. It has 10 releases for 5 years and at the moment it is defacto the standard in Infrastructure as a Service cloud technology. Currently OpenStack has more than … Continue reading

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Студио Проекти в НБУ

 Абстракт Студио проектите са нов елемент от образованието на студентите от инженерните специалности в Нов Български Университет. Основната им идея е студентите да се научат да работят в екип по реални проекти, поставени от външни заинтересовани лица, от водещи компании … Continue reading

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DDOS, RTBH and Self-Protection

A month ago ESI center asked me for a kind of cool 1 day  security oriented training course that has to bridge the gap between networking and software and to be different from everything else on the market. So ready, … Continue reading

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ICT Summer School@NBU Poster and Logo

Thanks to Martin Ormanliev from WT_ Design the ICT summer school have a brand new logo and our first official course got a poster :)

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Dealing with IPv6 and Cisco IOU (IOS on Unix)

Recently I had the following issue with getting working IPv6 on Cisco IOU. R1#sh ipv6 int e0/0 Ethernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up IPv6 is stalled, link-local address is FE80::C00:FF:FE00:6500 [DUP] No Virtual link-local address(es): Global unicast address(es): 2001:470:1F0B:ABD::10, … Continue reading

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Курсове към програма Мрежово инженерство, деп. Телекомуникации на НБУ

Въведение Представям кратък обзор на курсовете, които съм предложил към програма мрежово инженерство на деп.  Телекомуникации.  Програмата ще започне от следващата учебна година (2014/2015). Основната ѝ цел е да даде добри изходните перспективи за намиране на работа в България на завършилите … Continue reading

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An approach and a tool for IP network state-to-state transformation

Abstract— The article presents an approach and a tool for network state-to-state transformation. Each network has a state. The state could be formalized into an architectural graph data model that contains network nodes, edges and key metadata. The state-to-state transformation … Continue reading

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What will be the SDN impact on OSS?

Currently on top of the network each and every medium large organization has a whole stack of OSS systems covering different sections of the E-TOM model. We got network planners, commercial and technical order management systems, service and resource inventories,  … Continue reading

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