MPLS Core Networks – Course start

Hi Guys and Gals,

So the course has started and the first test was passed. The results are:

1. Dimitar Dimitrov – good, take a deeper look on the ISP network architectures (e.g core, distribution, access layers, service zones – what they content and what’s the whole idea behind it)

2. Milena Stanimirova – please put more in the reading phase also try to formulate and ask questions.

3. Hristo Stefanov – Good. Keep it going …

4. Nikolay Nikolov – as Milena. Please read some book about TCP/IP. Believe me it will be worthy.

5. Elitsa Vlaikova – Good. Keep it going … Try to read a bit more about PPPOE and DSL wholesale reference model

6. Kamen Tarlov – TCP is not on the network layer … Thinking is the name of the game…Architecture — Good!!!

7. Stoyan Stoyanov – Think about DHCP, PPPOE, DSL ref. model. Arch – good start.

8. Miroslav Marinov – Arch not bad but put more effort here. Take a look on the other comments above for it. Think about DNS.

9. NONAME – Good keep it going :)

So as a summary of the first lecture. You have been split to groups. Each group has three members and has a task to do. In three week you have to be ready to present the results of your tasks. If you did not have a chance to be present on the first lecture and still have no group please post a comment here and I will figure it out.  Note that if you or somebody from your group do nothing you will get a very nice mark :)

The presentation from the lecture is here.



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