Masters Program – Embedded Systems, NBU

I would like to present you something new and interesting – an early bird in Bulgarian IT Masters programs and one of the few that will really give students a chance to design and develop their own products in an unique and exciting environment once they graduate.

Last couple of years our society is having a wonderful transformation. From the era or PC’s and fixed dull electronic devices we are slowly but surely moving to the world of Internet of Things – billions of billions uniquely identifiable devices integrated in one common Internet like structure.

Now is common each one of us to have a few mobile phones and iPad or any other tablet an iPod or other music player an intelligent TV or why not an intelligent home. Won’t it be nice if our house is able to organize a party for us and to take care about the invitations for the guests, the list of foods and drinks and to handle all the preparation work. Now it might be not really possible but in a few years why not…

If you want to learn more about it and how to make it happen now is your chance.

New Bulgarian University is offering a Master’s program in Embedded systems one of the few such one in Bulgaria and the region. NBU will offer you  unique learning environment and professional approach for mastering the discipline of embedded system’s engineering.
The program is led by Dr. Zdravko Karakehaiov a well known figure in the field. The program will offer classes in the following fields:

  • Embedded computing
  • Digital design
  • Hardware platforms
  • Embedded software
  • Real-time systems
  • Algorithms for embedded systems
  • Embedded systems design Cognitive systems Wireless sensor networks Low-power design
  • Control theory
  • Control algorithms
  • Hardware and software co-design Re-programmable systems Embedded systems security Distributed systems and computer communications
  • Digital signal processing
  • Dependable systems

I will also personally support the program by lecturing two of the Carnegie Mellon Courses as part of it.

  • Architectures for software systems I, Carnegie Mellon
  • Architectures for software systems II, Carnegie Mellon

Each of the courses will be combined also with a self study in which you and your colleagues will have to form a studio team and develop a real project.

Embedded systems Master’s program flyer

Architectures for software systems course description


Nikolay Milovanov


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