Introduction to Cloud Computing

In software engineering, and network engineering the cloud is a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing infrastructure and services on top of it in a new {or maybe not so new} more efficient {or who knows might be not that efficient} way. Typically when I hear about cloud based technologies in my mind suddenly comes statements such as:

  • Efficient usage of server and network resources
  • Self adaptation and automation
  • Managing big data
  • Integration between resources and external Internet of Things style ecosystems

On 16.04.2012 from 18:00 till {we finish} in NBU building 1, 311, as part of “Architecture for Software Systems” NBU course we will have a guest lecture – “Introduction to Cloud Computing”. As a lecturers we will have Stoyan Velev  and Hristo Dobtchev from SAP Labs Bulgaria.

Let’s come and hear what do they will tell us about the cloud…

Nikolay Milovanov

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