About the monkeys and the Cisco certificates

You are a well educated network engineer, a real CLI worrier that has passed all Cisco CCNA, CCNP and even CCIE network certificates. Let’s say you are on the top of the food chain in network engineering. You know everything about EIGRP and how to migrate to EIGRP, you do even better knowing VTP and CDP with other words you are the top of the food chain a real CLI warrior ;)

With that post I would like to ask you do you know RFC bro?  Have you heard about IMPS?

No :( Come onnnnnn :)


Then you should  eat your certificates and read that.

It is one of the oldest protocol RFCs still unchanged or replaced by a newer version :)

It explains a bit about CLI and automation. Nowadays is not sufficient to be simply a CLI warrior you should be able to automate networks and integrate networks with applications. The static CLI stuff that we all know is still there but is slowly diminishing :)

All that sounds cool and SDN like. Well the only issue is that we don’t have that many SDN networks and EIGRP is still present ;)

In that sense we released a couple of useful libraries (expect4java & expect4groovy) that might help to those of you that has to integrate enterprise applications and web-portals with live “non” SDN monkey style :) networks.

They don’t do more from what the standard expect does however they will allow you to integrate your java enabled applications with your CLI networks relatively easy.As an advantage to other java world expect integrations they will allow you to expect nested CLI statements as the one so typical for Cisco CLI.

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